Hand-held bread roll  1,80  Bread and butter  2,40  Chive bread  2,60
Buttered bread with fresh cress  2,60 | Mixed bread basket/person  2
Staud's jam  1,80  Honey  2  Portion organic butter  1,3

Egg dishes

Soft egg  2 | 2 fried eggs  4 | 2 eggs in a jar  4
Egg dish of 3 eggs with pumpkin seed oil  6
Truffled egg dish from 3 eggs  6
Egg dish of 3 eggs with dried paradeis and grana  7,5
Hansen's "Breakfast Burger" with bacon, fried egg and cocktail sauce  7,5
Egg Bread with Pumpkin Seed Oil  5
Ham and Eggs with Leg Ham  8 | Bacon and Eggs  8

From around the world

Crispy bacon with rosemary  5
Small portion of smoked salmon with crème fraîche  7
Weißwürstel (white sausage) with pretzel pastry and home-made mustard  6
(only on Saturdays and while stocks last!)
Mixed cheese plate  8
Eggs Benedict with brioche, bacon, spinach leaves and hollandaise sauce (Saturdays only)  9
Mixed ham platter (leg ham and prosciutto from the "Ötscherblickschwein")  10
Hansen`s antipasti plate with delicacies from Italy  15
"Pan do Mar" wild anchovy fillets with buttered bread  11 


Oriental plate with hummus, Mediterranean vegetables, olives and mint  7
Brown bread with cream cheese and avocado  5
Greek yoghurt with mango and forest honey  5
Birch muesli with fresh fruit  5
Vanilla porridge with berry ragout (vegan, lactose-free)  5


Semolina Cooking with Cinnamon and Sugar  4
French toast with maple syrup  5
Cakes from our showcase while stocks last!

We get our natural sourdough bread+bread from the bakery Steiner/Tulln 

Order acceptance Mo - Fr until 12.00 h! Sat until 3.00 pm!