Hand-held bread roll  2.30 | Kornspitz  2,50 | Mixed bread basket/person  2,80
Bread and butter  2.80 | Bread and butter with fresh cress  3.40 | Chive bread  3,40
Staud's jam  2 | Honey  2 | portion organic butter  1,80

Egg dishes

All egg dishes with organic eggs from the Haglerhof farm in Wallsee
Soft egg  2,50 | 2 fried eggs  5 | 2 eggs in a glass  5
Egg dish of 3 eggs with pumpkin seed oil  7
Truffled egg dish from 3 eggs  8
Egg dish of 3 eggs with dried paradeis and grana  8
Hansen's "Breakfast Burger" with bacon, fried egg and cocktail sauce  9
Egg bread (2 eggs) with pumpkin seed oil  6
Ham and Eggs with Leg Ham  9 | Bacon and Eggs  9

From around the world

Crispy bacon with rosemary  6
Small portion of home-pickled graved salmon (Norway) with crème fraîche  10
Mixed cheese plate (Emmental, Alpine cheese, red soft cheese, cream cheese)  12
Mixed ham platter (leg ham and prosciutto)  14
Duroc pork prosciutto plate  14
"Pan do Mar" wild anchovy fillets (Spain) with buttered bread  11 

Vital & Sweet

Yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit  6
Vanilla porridge with berry ragout (vegan, lactose-free)  5,5
Semolina Cooking with Cinnamon and Sugar  4,5
French toast with maple syrup  6
Cakes from our showcase while stocks last!


1 soft organic egg, organic butter, ham/cheese, bread  14

Duroc pork prosciutto, olives, egg dish with tomato/grana, bread  15

Oriental (vegan)
Hummus, olives, pepper dip, pita bread, coconut yoghurt with dates and nuts  13

House-pickled graved salmon (Norway), cream cheese, organic butter, bread,
Hard-boiled organic egg, marinated beetroot, blueberry jam 16  



Only on Saturday and while stocks last!

Fresh from the oven Croissant  2,30

Homemade mustard, pretzels 6

Eggs Benedict
Brioche, bacon, spinach leaves, hollandaise sauce (VEG with mushrooms!) 9

Spicy tomato sauce, organic egg, pita bread 8

Curd Pancakes
Nougat, hazelnuts 8

Oat milk porridge
Apples, almonds and salted caramel 6

Homemade Cinnamon bun  3,50

We get our natural sourdough bread+bread from the bakery Steiner/Tulln
Baked with love and organic flour!
All prices incl. taxes and duties in Euro!
Order acceptance Mo - Fr until 12.00 h! Sat until 3.00 pm!